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    IT drop-in Sessions
    by Imran Munshi - Thursday, 11 February 2016, 2:23 PM

    Dear Students

    As stated in the IT\ Moodle inductions I will be holding IT drop in sessions twice a week. If you are having any IT issues (excluding certain software like Sibelius) or have a question in regards to IT, do come to these sessions.

    Laban – Wednesdays 12:00 till 2pm (time may change)  IT Staff training room

    KCC – Thursdays  2:00pm till 4:00pm  Room 242

    Staff can also attend these sessions but students will be given priority

    Thursday 11th Feb IT session 2pm till 3pm 

    There will be no IT sessions on 24th and 25th February 

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    Jerwood Library Catch and Glee Club
    by Emma Greenwood - Friday, 5 February 2016, 3:21 PM


    Join us in the library for a lively reimagining of Georgian part-song culture.

    See attached flyer.

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    IT Tip of the Week (Important)
    by Imran Munshi - Friday, 5 February 2016, 12:04 PM

    Wi-Fi Connection  ( All wireless Devices )

    We now have an improved Wi-Fi connection called Eduroam which only needs you to login once. After that, it will remember your details. Better yet if you visit any other educational institute which uses eduroam it will automatically connect.

    Just select...

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    Can’t log into Moodle?
    by Moodle Administrator - Friday, 5 February 2016, 11:16 AM

    If you cannot log in then you may need to have your password reset.

    You can do it yourself using the password reset link under the Help tab at the top of the page

    or you can email IT at


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    Reduce the size of your word-processed documents for online submission to Moodle
    by Moodle Administrator - Friday, 29 January 2016, 4:28 PM

    Dear students, you may find that when you are trying to upload your assessments in Moodle, that your word-processed file is too large or exceeds the maximum 20 MB upload limit. 20 MB is huge for a word-processed document!

    See this link for reducing the size of your images in word-processed documents.