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IT Tip of the Week
by Imran Munshi - Tuesday, 21 July 2015, 10:11 AM
Editing email Attachments
A common mistake users make when editing an email attachment is, editing attachments without saving the attachment either on their H drive or memory stick. When you double click to open an attachment it is downloaded to a temporary folder and opened. It is good practice to save the attachment to your H drive or memory stick (right click attachment or download the file) and then open the file, If you open the file from within the email attachment you can go to the ‘file menu’ and then save (making sure you navigate to the right location to save (not just clicking save)). Once you have edited the file you will have to re- attach the file and then send the email. If you attach the file and would like to update it you would have to edit the source file (file saved on your computer or memory stick) and then re attach it.
Please always remember only open files which you know are from reliable sources. If you have any doubt about the file or sender do not open the file.